The Pasadena Maple Leafs Hockey Club (PML) was established in 1964 and exists to create character, courage and citizenship through a youth ice hockey program and family friendly atmosphere. We endeavor to have our players master the skills of the game by acquiring the right physical, mental and social skills.

New SCAHA Registration/LOI Process

SCAHA has revamped its online site and changed the LOI process to be online-only for the 2014-2015 season! You should have already recieved an email from the iSCAHA Development Team with information on how to log into the site and register for the 2014-2015 season.

An important concept you need to be familiar with is the Season Pass, which is your single-code-number access to all events and tryouts for any SCAHA member club. Clubs will be able to use this pass code to reference your USA Hockey registration number, your contact information, and the club/team you play on - all without requiring you to put pen to paper once. You will receive your season pass code after completing the registration process on, and you'll need to bring that number with you to tryouts this summer. No paper LOI's will be used at all this season - you will sign the LOI online only, using your season pass code.

Why did SCAHA do this? To start with, this process will replace approximately 4,000 paper LOI's (in triplicate!) and eliminates the cost of producing, filling out, gleaning data from, scanning, faxing, and e-mailing them to the SCAHA support staff. If you conservatively assume that each LOI consumes about 30 minutes of human life in its journey through SCAHA, that's 2,000 work-hours that the dedicated people who keep our youth hockey programs running can devote to helping building better programs instead of shuffling papers. That, in a nutshell, is why they've pioneered this new digital LOI process...any why all of us are so excited about the efficiency it brings.

And, of course, the standard disclaimer for any cutting-edge, state-of-the-art system: there WILL CERTAINLY BE at least some kind of minor technical issues as they ramp up. If you come across any problems during the registration process whatsoever, please e-mail as much detail as you can about them to the iSCAHA team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . They are committed to helping resolve technical issues within one day, so please work directly with them with any issues.

The iSCAHA team's  goal is  both vetting this new system thoroughly AND making sure you can successfully register your family and get your 5 digit Season Pass. Once you receive your Scaha Season Pass number, you are ready for this season's tryouts - no matter what club you go to and what tryouts you attend.


New Executive Board Members

PML members voted in two new Executive Board members at our annual banquet on April 25th; we're excited to welcome Nancy Kemp and Jeff Koontz to the board, and are excited that they've volunteered their energy and enthusiasm to helping move the club forward through 2016!

We also want to express our deepest gratitude to our two departing board members, Lilly Lieu and Susan Kovinsky.

Lilly and her family have been involved in helping run PML for the better part of 15 years, and she has devoted countless hours over that time to helping us successfully navigate an era which has seen a sharp decline in the presence of smaller, non-profit clubs. Lilly has had the joy of watching all three of her boys play as Maple Leafs over the years, and now they get the joy of yelling at her to SKATE!!! as she continues on as a a member of our women's team.

Susan Kovinsky joined the board in 2012, and has done a tremendous job as our treasurer over the past two years to help solidify the financial health of the club. Everyone knows that volunteers in a non-profit organization do way more behind the scenes than a single title can convey, and Susan brought the same positive energy to all of the countless other thankless tasks she did that she brought to the tough job of handling the club's finances.

Leafs Midget 18U Wins SCAHA

Congratulations to our Midget 18U team for beating the division-rival LA Jr. Kings and winning their 2nd SCAHA Championship in a row! It was great to see so many people supporting the team in blue and white, from parents and friends to younger players on other Leafs teams, and even quite a few alumni as well.


Spring Ice

With the end of the season approaching, PML is happy to announce our Spring Season!

Keep your skills fresh and continue hanging out with your hockey friends! Our ADM program will start back on March 9th and go thru June 8th. Spring for Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantams and Midgets begins April 1 and goes thru June 17th. There are a few Sundays excluded for Easter and PISC events, info flyers and sign up forms below:

Tell your friends, all are welcome!

LA Kings Visit PISC

Thank you to all who helped with making the Kings Tour a success yesterday at the Pasadena Ice Skating Center. Special thanks to Jackie, Alejandro, Christian and Nestor of PISC staff and to PML helpers Manny, Mike, Chris, Gary, Nancy, Archie, Rick and Susan.

PML would like to commend the PISC staff for their part in the smooth running of this event. The autograph room was nicely decorated with purple & black balloons. Lilly was especially grateful of their efforts in coordinating the details from the start of the day at 7 in the morning to when the event took place at 2.

There were so many happy little faces. We pleased a lot of people!! Even the "public" individuals outside the rink were happy with their visit after patiently waiting for the kids to get through with the autograph portion before stepping on ice for the clinic.

A big thank you also to the Kings representatives who accompanied the NHL players & helped us with both the autograph & clinic sessions. Our new BFF Kings players (Justin, Willie, Colin, Robyn and Jim) expressed their fun & "ease" with their appearance & participation. We're glad that we made their visit a pleasant & enjoyable one.

Anyone have more pictures from the event? Please send to them to Susan at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so we can see more of our happy players.


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Our Vision

Our vision is to continuously position ourselves as a leader among sport club programs around the country while utilizing best practices at all times and incorporating all current sport management and education trends. We will also constantly strive to promote, collect and disseminate all materials that will assist the program and enhance club and participant accountability.

Our Values

  • Player development and leadership
  • Maximizing individual potential in a safe, accessible environment
  • Building enduring traditions and creating strong bonds of friendship
  • Helping Pasadena and our Greater Los Angeles youth hockey community through volunteering
  • The recognition, celebration and inclusion of a diverse population into the program
  • The procurement of necessary resources to be a viable entity
  • Participatory governance and actively seek feedback from our participants

USA Hockey

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